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Registered Add Heyuan City in Guangdong province
Type of business R&d, production and sales
Brand AIM
Number of Employees 51-100 People
Annual sales US$2 Million - US$5 Million
Established in 2011
  • Leading Manufacturer of Heat Pump Dryer - AIM

AIM is a well-known professional manufacturer of heat pump equipment and temperature & humidity control equipment in China. In 2011, the elite expert and operation team represented by Chinese famous temperature & humidity control expert Yaping Pan established Guangdong AIM Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. and AIM (Australia) Technology Center, focusing on Development and production of various heat pump applications and high-end temperature & humidity equipment.

After years of steady development, AIM has a strong technical R&D team and patented technology with independent intellectual property rights. It can provide professional and high efficient personalized solutions and batch product customization according to customers' special use conditions and needs.   AIM was officially listed on the China Equity Exchange Center in Guangzhou with equity code 891110 on February 26, 2016.


AIM corporate vision is to change the environment by technology, focus on the innovative customization of personalized energy-saving heat pump equipment, precise temperature & humidity control and high-efficiency energy-saving drying, hot water system research, and is committed to providing domestic, commercial, industrial, agricultural temperature & humidity control products, all kinds of high-end personalized air conditioning and energy-saving heat pump drying system's overall solution. In particular, the air source heat pump drying system has been deeply researched and applied, and has obtained several patents in this field (patent number: 2018SR183863, etc.).


At present, AIM is working with many research institutes such as Yunnan University, South China Agricultural University, Hunan University and Zhanjiang Ocean University to provide efficient and energy-saving heat pump products and temperature & humidity control equipment for global customers.

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