• Production plan and delivery date

    Production plan and delivery date

    The company has a complete production planning system, and mainly produces products with all-stainless steel fuselage structure, eliminating the general cold rolling plate needs to spray paint and other links. Therefore, the production cycle is much shorter than other heat pump manufacturers.

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  • Product packaging

    Product packaging

    All the products and equipment are packed with treated finished wood splint export package , which is non-fumigation, firm, reliable and convenient for long-distance transportation.

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  • 3.FAQ

        1 Q: What is the principle of air source heat pumps?

        A: Heat pump runs through compressor system revolve, so as to absorb air heat to generate hot water.


        Specific procedure:

         Compressor absorbs low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from the evaporator, then refrigerant compressed to high temperature and high pressure gas. The high temperature and high pressure gas goes into the condenser through fan to exchange heat with the air, and condensed into cryogenic liquid in the condenser and give off a lot of heat.

         The air absorbs the heat and the temperature increasing. High pressure and low temperature liquid is throttled and depressurized through the expansion valve, absorbs heat from the surrounding air and volatilize into low pressure gas by fan in the evaporator, being compressed in the compressor, this repeated cycle, so as to continuously rise the water temperature.

         Air source principle.jpg

        2 Q: Why air source products achieve energy savings? How to achieve energy saving, what is the normal energy saving rate?

        A: The air source water heater is to obtain a large number of free heat energy from the air. The power consumed is only the energy used by the compressor to carry the air energy. Therefore, the thermal efficiency is as high as 380%-600%. Heat the same amount of hot water, the air source water heaters usage cost is only 1/4 of electric water heaters, 1/3 of gas water heaters, and 1/2 of solar water heaters. High thermal efficiency is a large feature and advantage of air source water heaters. When energy problems become a world problem, this is one of the more important magic weapons for air source water heaters to become "The fourth generation water heaters".


        3 Q: What advantages does air drying have over conventional boilers, electric heating and other drying methods?

          A: Compared with traditional boiler thermal energy equipment, the air energy heat pump has the biggest advantage of environmental protection, no exhaust emission, and is in line with national environmental protection policies, and is easy to promote and apply.

        Compared with the traditional electric heating method, the air source heat pump has the biggest advantage of saving energy. Consuming the same amount of electricity, the air source heat pump can generate more 3-4 times heat than the ordinary electric heater.

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