Heat Pump For Sanitary
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heat Pump For Sanitary Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heat Pump For Sanitary Factory, pump equipmentHeat Pump For Sanitary Purchasing
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heat Pump For Sanitary Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heat Pump For Sanitary Factory, pump equipmentHeat Pump For Sanitary Purchasing
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heat Pump For Sanitary Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heat Pump For Sanitary Factory, pump equipmentHeat Pump For Sanitary Purchasing
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heat Pump For Sanitary Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heat Pump For Sanitary Factory, pump equipmentHeat Pump For Sanitary Purchasing
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heat Pump For Sanitary Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heat Pump For Sanitary Factory, pump equipmentHeat Pump For Sanitary Purchasing
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heat Pump For Sanitary Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heat Pump For Sanitary Factory, pump equipmentHeat Pump For Sanitary Purchasing

Heat Pump For Sanitary

Brand :AIM

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20days

Supply capacity :5000units/month

Unique features of AIM Heat Pumps:
1. It can display top and bottom temp of the water tank, check the temp of coil, ambient, exhaust temp, etc;
2. It recalls all kinds of parameters when outages and it will resume operations after have electricity automatically.
3. Clock keeps running after outages so it needn’t to re-adjust it usually.
4. Off-peak power use function, start up and shutdown by itself at cycle time in 24 hours.
5. Set and revise parameters freely.
6. E-heater function.
7. Automatic and forcible defrost.
8. Waterproof bottoms, Liquid Crystal Display Screen Display including backlights.
9. Have Perfect control and protection functions: 1) temperature sensor breakdown: top and bottom of water tank, Coil, Return air, Exhaust air, Outside ambient temp; 2) high and low pressure protection, Exhaust air temp protection.
10. Check the Trouble codes display, it can refer why compressor doesn’t start up or stop, and has Key-Lock Function.
11. It can display water temp when startup and shutdown heat pump.
12. Electronic expansion valve control automatically.
13. Temp set ranges from 10℃ to 80℃.
14. Working ambient temp -15℃ to 43℃.

R134a Air To Water All in one Domestic Hot Water Heat Pump 

Heating capacitykw2.0 (+1.5**)2.0 (+1.5**)2.0 (+1.5**)2.0 (+1.5**)2.0 (+1.5**)4.0 (+1.5**)
Power inputW513 (+1500**)513 (+1500**)513 (+1500**)513 (+1500**)513 (+1500**)1020 (+1500**)
Max Power inputkw0.742 (+1.5**)0.742 (+1.5**)0.742 (+1.5**)0.742 (+1.5**)0.9 (+1.5**)1.5 (+1.5**)
Max CurrentA3.36  (+6.8**)3.36  (+6.8**)3.36  (+6.8**)3.36  (+6.8**)4.3  (+6.8**)7  (+6.8**)
Power supplyV/N/Hz220~240/1/50220~240/1/50220~240/1/50220~240/1/50220~240/1/50220~240/1/50
CompressorRotaryRotaryRotary, Toshiba or HitachiRotary, Toshiba or HitachiRotary, Toshiba or HitachiRotary, Toshiba or Hitachi
Refrigerant type / ChargeR134a / 0.635kgR134a / 0.635kgR134a / 0.635kgR134a / 0.985kgR134a  / 1.3kgR134a  / 0.95kg
Normal water temp555555555555
Max water temp707070707070
Water tank VolumeL100150200250300500
Air flowm³/h560560560560560560
Air static pressurePa6060

Duct diametermm160160160160160160
Permissible refrigerant pressure suction / dischargeMpa0.5 / 2.80.9 / 2.80.9 / 2.80.9 / 2.81.3 / 4.21.3 / 4.2
Permissible tank pressureMpa111111
Set point relief valveMpa0.
Net DimensionsmmΦ560x1300=0.41m³Φ560x1560=0.49m³Φ560x1720=0.539m³Φ560x1970=0.618m³Φ640x1840=0.754m³Φ700x2200=1.078m³
Packing Dimensions Packed by cartonmm580x580x1470=0.49m³580x580x1760=0.59m³580x580x1810=0.61m³580x590x2060=0.693m³660x710x1920=0.9m³818x800x2330=1.525m³
Net Weight Kg65748290107130
Gross Weight Packed by cartonKg72.27890.795112178.3 (Packed by wood)
Noise leveldB(A)484848484848
Unit protection classIPIPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4
Container loading20' GP(units)404040402424
40' GP(units)808080805454
40' HQ(units)808080805454
Features included:1.5kw auxiliary electrical heater1.5kw auxiliary electrical heater1.5kw auxiliary electrical heater1.5kw auxiliary electrical heater1.5kw auxiliary electrical heater1.5kw auxiliary electrical heater
Electronic expansion valveElectronic expansion valveElectronic expansion valveElectronic expansion valveElectronic expansion valveElectronic expansion valve
Magnesium stickMagnesium stickMagnesium stickMagnesium stickMagnesium stickMagnesium stick
Relieve / safety valveRelieve / safety valveRelieve / safety valveRelieve / safety valveRelieve / safety valveRelieve / safety valve
One extra set of heat exchanger, such as Solar coilOne extra set of heat exchanger, such as Solar coilOne extra set of heat exchanger, such as Solar coilOne extra set of heat exchanger, such as Solar coilOne extra set of heat exchanger, such as Solar coilOne extra set of heat exchanger, such as Solar coil

Capacities and power inputs based on the following conditions:
- Heating: Ambient temperature 20
/12,  Water temperature from 10 to 55


The import process:

1. Buyer sends contact info to Seller, and seller makes PI for buyer.

2. Buyer confirms the PI and transfer money to seller.

3. Seller sends products to buyer. Seller sends CI, BL, Packing list to buyer.

4. Buyer takes the CI, BL, Packing list to fetch goods after the goods arrive.


AIM has Professional Testing laboratory was built about $450,000,  which have a whole set testing:

1) Standard heating, cooling

2) Simulate Low and High temp working condition, a variety of ambient temp, indoor temp and outdoor temp.

3) Power consumption

4) COP and SEER

5) Defrosting

6) Air conditioner, water source, air source and hot water heat pump performance and capacity reliability testing

7) Controller function testing

8) Test goods at all kinds of power supply

9) Setting Temp ranges -25~60℃, its accuracy is +-0.2℃; Humidity ranges 20%~99%, its accuracy is +-1%.

10) DC inverter water flow and air flow control (100m³/h ~ 3000 m³/h)

11)  Temp, pressure, power collector 


AIM Heat pumps have several advantages compare to other water heater:

1. Save money. Heat pump is a high efficiency water heater, to supply 4kw energy; it just consumes 1kw electric power. So compare to electric heater, it can save 3kw electric energy. Save energy means save money.

2. Environment friendly. Heat pump only need electric, so it doesn't burn fuels, doesn't exhaust pollution of air and water. It’s very clean.

3. Safe. Compare to common electric water heater, water and electricity is segregated in heat pump, avoid people getting an electric shock when bathing. Make sure humans' safe as Multiple-protections.

4. Free installation: Heat pumps can be installed in the garden, on the balcony, or on the housetop, or any place you like.

5. No affected by weather: Heat pump can work in the day and night. You can get hot water at any time.

6. Government support: Now, more and more countries government support heat pump users and give them subsidy.


Best Warranty and Fast Service:

1. MOQ: 1 unit (For a larger order, the price will be fixed upon receipt of a definite order)

2. Delivery Time: 7~15 working days after the order is confirmed

3. Payment Term: TT/LC. Large order, 30%TT before production, balance before delivery; samples, 100%TT before production

4. Package: Samples are packed by plywood or wooden frame; the full container small goods by carton, large goods by wooden frame.

5. Shipment Term: CIF,EXW,FOB Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan Port (Other terms welcome put forward)

6. Quotation Deadline: Half a month.


2~3 years for main parts such as compressor, 2 years warranty period for host machine, give technical consultation for ever.

If you purchase one container or more, there is discount. Also you can gain 1% accessories of total amount. The more you purchase, the cheaper price you'll get.

 producing 1.jpg

Sales Manager: Ms. Jenny

Guangdong AIM Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Add: Longchuan Dengyun Zhen Shenzhen Nanshan(Longchuan) industrial transfer park,Heyuan,Guangdong

Cell & WhatsApp & Wechat: +86 15919073687 

Jenny Zeng. Skype: jenny02025

E-mail: jennyzeng5@foxmail.com


Guangdong AIM Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. built in 2011 its a high-tech new energy and high efficient environmental protection enterprise more than 22,000m² area who concentrates on researching and developing air source, water and ground source, central air-conditioner ect. Now AIM has three R & D bases between Guangzhou, Foshan and Heyuan of Guangdong. Specialized in high quality stainless steel air source water heat pump, stainless steel water tank, is one of the top companies which has a complete product chain.


As a Drafting Committee of Multifunctional air source heat pump, AIM has dozens of core intellectual property rights of the patented technology, has been rated as a private technology enterprises in Guangdong, the national high-tech new energy enterprise, won the glory of the industry benchmark for enterprise, industry outstanding brand, industry top besting-selling brand, industry famous brand, and successfully listed in Guangdong Equity Exchange Co., Ltd in 2015 (Stock Code: 891110)


The products quality is AIM enterprises life, every person of AIM treats each product as esteemed as life. AIM has gained the certificates of ISO9001 International Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification. Industrial production license, CCC, CE, TUV and International standard product certification. AIM has a strict standard of inspecting for product quality, a completely production management control system. Thereby, which ensure the high quality for products and best service for customers.

Ideal life, made life comfortable, starting from AIM.

 DHW-20a-100L image.JPG

AIMs main heat pump series:

Split domestic hot water heat pump,

All in one domestic hot water heat pump,

Swimming pool heat pump,

Commercial hot water heat pump,

EVI air source heat pump,

Direct instant hot water heat pump,

High temp heat pump,

Dryer air to water heat pump,

Chiller heating and cooling air conditioner;

DC inverter air to water heat pump,

Multifunctional air source heat pump,

Water to water heat pump,

Water tank (pressure bearing and insulated) for heat pumps.

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