Heating & Air Conditioning
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heating & Air Conditioning Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heating & Air Conditioning Factory, pump equipmentHeating & Air Conditioning Purchasing
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heating & Air Conditioning Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heating & Air Conditioning Factory, pump equipmentHeating & Air Conditioning Purchasing
  • High quality energy saving techology  Heating & Air Conditioning Quotes,China heat pump equipment Heating & Air Conditioning Factory, pump equipmentHeating & Air Conditioning Purchasing

Heating & Air Conditioning

Brand :AIM

Product origin :China

Delivery time :20 days after payment

Supply capacity :5000units/month

Heat, cool for a new home.

1. Combine with under floor heating, radiators or fan coil units
AIM offers highly efficient split and monobloc air to water heat pump solutions, which are ideal if you have under floor heating, low temperature radiators or fan coil units.

2. Add heating for optimal comfort
Both the AIM split and monobloc air to water heat pump models can be configured to offer heating only or heating and cooling to keep your new home wonderfully comfortable, all year round.

3.Compatible with solar collectors
AIM split and monobloc air to water heat pumps can be connected to solar collectors, for even greater efficiencies. The solar energy helps to deliver 60% of your hot water energy needs throughout the year.

4. Full solutions range
Optimise energy efficiency and comfort levels in your new home with a versatile AIM heat pump system.


High COP, EER energy saving Air cooled equipment Chiller Air to water Stainless steel 10HP 35kw heat pump parameter

ModelJT-28II/FRJT-45II/FR    JT-50II/FR
Horse power (HP)101220
Heating capacity (kW)27.54056
Cooling capacity (kW)2537.850
Heating power input (kW)8.612.516.6
Cooling power input (kW)8.813.517.6
Heating COP3.20 3.20 3.37 
Cooling EER2.84 2.80 2.84 
Heating current input (A)172230
Cooling current input182432
Max current input20.426.436
Power supply (V/Ph/Hz)380/3/50380/3/50380/3/50
Refrigerant / Charge(kg)R22,R410A/4*2 R410A / 4.5*2 R410A / 7.5*2
Compressor No. (pcs)222
Compressor typeScrollScrollScroll
Heating water outlet temp range40/4540/4540/45
Cooling water outlet temp range7/127/127/12
Pipe diameter1.5"1.5"2"
Water flow (m³/h)101520
Water side pressure loss35Kpa35Kpa35Kpa
Water flow pressure drop0.01-0.02 Mpa0.01-0.02 Mpa0.01-0.02 Mpa
Max pressure of suction / discharge0.8 / 2.8Mpa0.8 / 2.8Mpa0.8 / 2.8Mpa
Running noise dB(A)≤68≤68≤72
Protection / Anti-electric shock rateIPX4 / Class IIPX4 / Class IIPX4 / Class I
Running ambient temp.-10~+43-10~+43-10~+43
Net weight (kg)230300500
Top type dimension (LxWxH)1424x1424x960=1.95m³1600x1600x960=2.46m³2000x1100x1980=3.96m³

Capacity and power input based on the GB/T18430.2-2008, GB/T21362-2008 conditions:

Heating mode: Water flow 0.172m³/(hkW), hot water outlet temp. 45℃, ambiemt temp. (DB/WB)  7/6℃  

Cooling mode: Water flow 0.172m³/(hkW), cold water outlet temp. 7℃, ambiemt temp. 35℃

Company Profile:

AIM is a professional heat pump manufacturer based in China. With over decades of experience in the HVAC industry, AIM has become one of the leading brands of quality heating, cooling & hot water system. Our main products include heat pump, air conditioner & water tank equipment. 

Our products range is as below: Air to water heat pump; Water to water heat pump; Water to air heat pump; Commercial air conditioner; Fan coil units.

Besides Chinese market, export business is our main business. So most of our products are coming with international standard, some of our products have obtained international certificate, such as CE, RoHS, SAA certificate and ERP label etc, and our factory execute ISO9001:2008 strictly. We are always insists on the principle of quality first, customer first, and focus on high-quality, competitive cost & fastest services. So far, our products have entered over 50 countries and regions with either brand name AIM or OEM brand.

We are always on the look-out to build strategic partnerships in overseas markets and welcome opportunities where we can work in tandem with you and succeed together. OEM & ODM enquires are welcome.

Looking towards the future, AIM will build a fresh and quiet living environment and comfortable life for you.


Air and water source heat pumps Main components and Effect:

1. Compressor: Famous Brand Panasonic, Sanyo, Mitsubishi,Toshiba Rotary Compressor or Sanyo, Copeland, DAIKIN Scroll Compressor with environmentally friendly Refrigerant gas R407C/R410A/R134a/R417A

Effect: Compress and transport cycle fluid from low temperature low pressure to high temperature high pressure, it’s the heart of heat pump system.

2. Evaporator or heat exchanger: Hydrophilic aluminum foil Finned tube Heat Exchanger.

Effect: It’s the cooling output facility. Evaporate the refrigerant liquid which flowing through the expansion valve to absorb the heat from the cooled object,  so achieve the purpose of cooling.

3. Condenser: Coil type, plate type, casing type, High efficiency tube in shell heat ex-changer or Titanium heat ex-changer.

Effect: It’s the heating output facility. Heat absorbed from the evaporator with the converted heat by compressor power consumption is carried away by cooled medium in the condenser, to achieve the purpose of heating.

4. House casing: anti corrosion and rustproof Stainless steel or Spray coating metal plate for whole set of casing, Buttress and frame system, Electric Control Box etc.

5. Microprocessor automatic Controller sets: LCD touch screen Wifi Display, Neatly wiring PCB Board in individual controller box, Whole sets of temp sensors, Capacitors, Transformer.

6. Copper Pipes: throttling device, pipes connect all system, compressor, heat ex-changer, EEV and so on sub-assembly.  

7. Thermostatic expansion valve or Japanese Sanhua Electronic Expansion valve and 4-Way Valve

EEV Effect: For circulating fluid Throttling depressurization and adjust the flow of cycle fluid into the evaporator. 

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